Monday, November 14, 2016

Awesome DIY Holiday Wreath!

Here are the instructions to make this awesome DIY Holiday Wreath!

You will need:

Glue Gun
Construction paper
Glue Stick
Poster board or paper plate

Cut the construction paper into squares.  For the back row, the papers should be approximately 5-inch squares. Reduce the size of the squares in each row by 1-inch. For example, the next row in should be 4-inch squares, the next will be 3-inch squares, and the interior cones are 2-inch squares.

Roll each piece of paper into a cones shape (one end rolled tighter than the other)

Use glue gun to glue the tighter ends together.

If using a poster board, cut it into a 10 to 12-inch circle.

Starting on the outside edges, glue the cones in place.

Trim the ends as needed.

Your wreath is ready!

Adapted from: