Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Teaching Counting Creatively!

Do you know a child who struggles with learning numbers and counting?  Well, here is a simple and creative way to teach counting! You will need four or five different colored cups and pom poms with corresponding colors.  Glue or tape each number and it's appropriate number of "dots" on the cup. 

Begin the activity with the pom poms mixed together on a surface in front of the cups.  Having the child place the correct number of pom poms in front of each cup pointing and using one-to-one correspondence and the dots as a guide.  Once the child has placed the correct number of pom poms in front of each cup, he can place them inside the cup. Make this task more challenging and address fine motor skills by having the child use tongs to sort and place the pom poms.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Gravitational Insecurity Activities

Children with gravitational insecurity typically respond to movement activities by overreacting emotionally.  Why?  Their vestibular system is not functioning properly. These kids are extremely afraid of heights, falling, and they resist having their feet leave the ground. For this reason, children with gravitational insecurity children prefer to stay low to the ground.  They are typically lying down or sitting and doing their best to avoid movement.

How can I help my gravitationally insecure child?
  1. It may be helpful to physically guide your child during play activities such as climbing, sliding and swinging. You can swing with your child in your lap, and this might provide just enough security to prevent a fearful response.
  2. Encourage your child to participate in climbing, crawling, and jumping activities that are within his comfort zone.
  3.  Demonstrate movement activities such as this for your child, “watch me to this, or do it just it the way I do this.”
  4. Introduce new movement activities gradually and a little bit at a time.
  5. Encourage water play in the pool that includes movements such as twirling, jumping, and flipping.  The water might make your child feel more secure.
  6. If your child has extreme responses to movement, I recommend pursuing occupational or physical therapy. 
 freedigitalphotos.net by dvrcan