Friday, June 10, 2022

VOTE NO for the proposed AOTA Bylaws changes!


Dear reader,
      If you are an AOTA member, please VOTE NO for the proposed AOTA Bylaws changes! The AOTA Board of Directors has put forth a full set of “New” Bylaws.   There are major changes put forth that will impact your representation and voice in the Associations affairs.  
     Some of the proposed changes include but not limited to: 

1. Changing the means method for which slating and voting for certain key positions will occur;
2. Establishment of an Executive Committee to take action on behalf of the Association with limited input;
3. Eliminates state/geographical representation in the Representative Assembly and reduces the Assembly membership to 23 “appointed” positions;
4. Restructuring of the Executive Board membership with the elimination of a separate Treasurer and Secretary and elimination of voice or vote representation from State Association Presidents and other key groups that support the membership.    
5. Revises language from “requiring” that the Board provide AOTA membership with an Annual update of activities and affairs to “may provide” which leaves it up to the discretion of the Board versus mandating this occur.

The vote for the AOTA revised bylaws is open now through June 24th. Please VOTE NO!!!!