Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sign a petition to support National Tummy Time Awareness Day!

Please click on the link below and sign the petition to support a National Tummy Time Awareness Day!

Tummy time is when an infant spends time on the stomach while awake and supervised. Infants who don’t spend enough time on their stomachs during their waking hours are at risk for motor skill delays and developing flat spots on the head (cranial asymmetry), while tummy time promotes infant development and serves as a preventative factor for cranial asymmetry. An added bonus is that it is a wonderful opportunity to bond with a baby!

Unfortunately, many parents are not aware of the importance of tummy time and the negative consequences that can occur if an infant does not spend enough time on the stomach for play. When infants aren't exposed to tummy time in the first days and weeks of life, they often resist being placed in the position by fussing and crying.

Parents need to understand that it is important to provide their infant with tummy time early on, and doing so will be beneficial to their child in the long run. Having a "National Tummy Time Awareness Day" will increase awareness about the importance of providing infants with supervised tummy time on early in the early days of life and on a regular basis.