Thursday, July 20, 2023

DIY Froggy Puppet: A Fun Craft!!!

Here is a fun activity to work on fine motor and visual motor skills! It can be graded to be a developmentally appropriate activity for children of different ages and skill levels.

Supplies Needed:
Red & green construction paper
Red & green small paper plates
Google eyes
Glue gun

Fold the red paper plate.
Cut the green paper plate in half as pictured below.
Using a glue gun, glue the edges of the white sides of the green and red paper plates together. Do not put any glue on the center of the plates. This area needs to be open because that is where the fingers will be placed to manipulating the puppet.
Nest, cut out a long red strip for the frog's tongue. Then cut out the eyes using the green construction paper as pictured below. Glue the googly eyes on the green paper pieces. I usually put X's on the spot where the child is supposed to put the glue.
Roll the the red strip of construction paper on a pencil to make it curl. Have the child hold either end of the pencil and twist it for a nice bilateral task. See the photo below.
Glue the eyes and tongue to the proper location on the paper plates. Once the glue dries, the puppet is ready!