Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fine Motor Activities

Here are some activities that are great for working on fine motor skills:

Squeeze clothespins and place them on a ruler or paint stirrer that the student holds with the opposite hand. Be sure to only use the thumb, index and middle fingers. If necessary, hold a small peg or cotton ball in the ring and index finger for stabilization
-Play tug- of-war with small objects (plastic coffee stirrers, paper clips, etc.)

-Use tongs or tweezers to pick up small objects and place them into a container

-Use the thumb and index finger to pop “bubble wrap” used for packaging)

-Bring coins or buttons from the palms out to the fingertips to place in a bank while stabilizing others in the palm of the hand. Don’t use the table or other hand to assist

-Squeeze the trigger of a spray bottle with the index and middle fingers while holding the bottle with the thumb and other fingers

-Roll putty or play dough between the tips of the thumb, index and middle finger to make small balls. Make them as smooth and as round as possible. Be sure to keep the ring and pinkie fingers flexed and don’t use them to help. You may need to hold a peg or bead with the ring and pinkie finger to prevent you from using them.




  1. What an absolutely FANTASTIC blog you have here! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Great ideas - My daughter loved using pegs as a toddler

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