Sunday, July 3, 2011

Daily Living Skills Worksheets

A fellow blogger and occupational therapist, Linda Harrison,  recently sent me a copy of her wonderful Daily Living Skills Worksheets. This book of reproducible worksheets is great for teaching independent living skills and is ideal for use with individuals with a variety of diagnoses. I work in the school setting, and I am excited to have so many different worksheets addressing skills such as goal-setting, memory/safety, and time/money management (and much more!) to use with my middle and high school students with special needs. I am highly impressed with the "functional" and "practical" nature of the worksheets...from making out a grocery list to using the bus! Go to Linda's website @ to check out this amazing resource for yourself!

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  1. Its really good, appreciate your job. I am also in the same profession since last 2 years, not that much experienced but learned a lot and i enjoy my job.