Sunday, December 25, 2011

Handwriting Without Tears

There are a number of different handwriting programs for children. One special needs writing program that I really like is Handwriting Without Tears (it can also be used with typical children). This handwriting program was developed by occupational therapist, Jan Olsen. It is a multi-sensory program designed to help children who have problems with legibility and fluency. I usually recommend Handwriting Without Tears if a child has moderate to severe perceptual or visual-motor problems, because of the multi-sensory nature of the program. There are various components of the program that can be purchased separately, such as a set of wood pieces that the children can use to construct letters, letter cards that can be used with putty or play dough, a slate chalk board, workbooks, as well as CDs. All of the products use the various senses to teach handwriting with a focus on positioning, directionality, spacing and sequencing, making it a great special needs writing program! Click HERE for more information about the Handwriting Without Tears Workbooks including details and pricing, etc.

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  1. I will be listing some Handwriting Without Tears materials (Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters,Blackboard with Double Lines,Stamp and See Screen®, and Roll–A–Dough Letters®) on eBay in the next few days if anyone is interested. I have a few sets of each. You can do an advanced search on eBay and search seller's ID. Mine is betsey1215. Thanks.