Thursday, February 2, 2012

OT Activity for Pincer Grasp

I ran across this activity kit at Michael's craft store, and the OT in me couldn't resist! As you can see, it's called fun fusion, and the kit consists of tiny beads and several tiny pegboards that come in different forms, such as the form of a dog, cat, fish, or monkey. (Also available at Amazon)

The child uses a pincer grasp to place the beads on the pegboard. The pegboard actually comes with several small pieces of ironing paper, and after the beads are in place, an adult can "iron" them on permanently. HOWEVER, we skipped that step!

I had the students practice making glue dots...placing a glue dot on each of the pegboard points. This was VERY challenging, and many of the students needed help (that's why I didn't get a picture!)

The students then picked up the tiny beads and placed them on the points of the pegboard that had the glue dots.
It was hard work, and it took several therapy sessions for some of them to finish, but the completed product was worth all of the hard work.

How cute is this?   :)

The best part is that the kids LOVED them! 
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  1. Thanks for the great fine motor idea! I loved making perler bead crafts as a kid- so many possibilities. Ironing the design allows it to pop off the peg board (once cooled), so that the board can be reused again and again. I can see how this activity lends itself well to working on gluing skills, but I thought I'd pass this tip along.