Thursday, May 3, 2012

Matching Colors AND Improving Fine Motor Skills!

The parent workshop was a great success. I was so excited to share ideas and suggestions that parents will be able to carry out with their children to work on a variety of skills. I could tell that the parents were eager to learn as much as possible, and that really excites me, because I'm a true believer in working together as a team for the children.

There is a cute activity that I shared in the workshop that addresses fine motor skills and coordination, while also teaching a child how to match various colors. All that you need for this project are an ice cube tray, a small bag of glass gems (found at dollar stores or Amazon), sticky back foam sheets (found at craft stores or Amazon), tongs, and a pair of scissors.

Cut narrow strips of foam and line the inside of each ice cube "slot" with a different color (see photo). Cut out small circles of corresponding colors and stick them on either side of a gem. If you don't want to use gems, you can use different colors of pom-poms.
Once you have lined all of the "slots" with foam and covered the gems with corresponding colors, it's time to have some fun. Give the child a pair of tongs, and have her pick up each gem and find the matching color in the tray and place the gem in the correct slot. You may need to provide some verbal cues at first, but it won't take long for your little ones to catch on!

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