Sunday, June 17, 2012

Survey for OTs & PTs: I Need Your Help!

Thanks to all pediatric OT's and PT's who completed the baby gear survey! I have over 150 responses! I will let you know the results as soon as I write them up. :)

Background of Study: 

The Back to Sleep campaign has been a huge success and thousands of infant lives have been saved. However, in recent years, the number of flattened head syndrome cases has increased by approximately 50%, and the number of torticollis cases has also increased. A survey of 400 PTs and OTs revealed that 2/3 of the therapists surveyed reported an increase in infant motor delays in the past 6 years. Many therapists believe that back sleeping combined with the large amounts of time that babies are spending in "containers" (carseats, bouncer seats, etc.) are contributing to these developmental problems. I will use the survey responses from over 150 pediatric OTs and PTs to come up with some "general guidelines" for baby gear use in hopes that this will be helpful to parents. 

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