Monday, August 20, 2012

Stencils for Prewriting Strokes

Do you have a student or child working on prewriting strokes? I recently started seeing a student for therapy who was already using these stencils, and they are so clever, I had to share them with you!
Basically, all you need are several file folders (colored file folders are nice), a black marker, a laminating machine, and sticky back Velcro (click here to buy on Amazon).
As you can see with these, the student is working on forming a half-circle, a diagonal line, and a half square. First, cut the "pathway" that you need (half-circle, diagonal line, etc.) out of the top side of the file folder. Second, trace the edges of the "pathway" with black marker for a nice visual prompt. Third, laminate the file folder and any loose pieces. Finally, add the Velcro pieces (see below).
 In the photo above, you'll notice the sticky Velcro pieces were added to the bottom and sides of the file folder. The paper should fit inside the file folder, but not cover the Velcro pieces.
Once the file folder is closed, the Velcro pieces should stick together, and the stencil should work like a charm! See the videos above and below. Happy writing!

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  1. Where can I purchase the sticky back velcro? I have everything else. My son is starting kindergarten in the fall. Thanks.

    1. I just added a link in the post that will take you to Amazon (where I got mine), but you can find it at most any "super" store like Target or at a crafts store. Good luck!