Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Can Spell My Name!

Do you have a students who is learning to spell her name? This is a fun activity that is easy to create. Using a large, simple font (I like 72 Cambria or Chalkboard), type the child's name and print it out on white paper or card stock. You can begin with just the first name and progress to first and last name. Cut around the letters making small squares and laminate them. I frequently use the self adhesive laminate sheets available on Amazon.  Cut out a rectangular piece of black poster board (make sure the child's name fits on the poster board) and laminate it as well. Use sticky-back velcro dots to attach each letter to the piece of poster board. (See photos below).

Mix the letters up and place them in front of the student. You may want to start with a field of two or three letters. Ask the child, "What letter comes first in your name?" The child should choose the correct letter and Velcro it to the first spot on the poster board. Provide cues and modeling if necessary. Continue with the activity until the child has fully spelled her name.

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  1. Wow I love this idea. We'll pass this along to some of our Occupational Therapists. Thanks for sharing