Thursday, February 13, 2014

Therapy on a Shoestring Budget: Actvity for Letter Recognition, Learning Letter Sounds, and Visual Perceptual Skills

This activity is easy to make and is great for letter recognition, visual perceptual skills, and for learning letter sounds. All you need is several small pictures of items that start with the letters you are teaching. Laminate the pictures and cut them out. Using a large font (72), type the corresponding letters, print them and glue them on each side of a colorful piece of card stock. (See photo.)
Laminate the card stock and add Velcro just below the letters and on the back of each picture so the pictures can be easily removed and replaced. Remove all of the pictures, and instruct the child to match the appropriate picture to its beginning word sound (letter). You can grade this activity by only placing one or two pictures in front of the child. This increases their chance of success! Make a game out of the activity by taking turns placing the cards.  Have fun while working on some important skills!

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