Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Size Matters Handwriting Program!

Are you seeing Stars?

You should soon!

In fact, you’ll be creating them!

Stars are currency in the Size Matters Handwriting Program.  Stars are earned when children make letters touching the writing lines in all the right places.  The significance of building a running constellation across a page is that children are incentivized to make more.

Besides, it helps them keep score.  Children can score themselves and each other.  They can even compete against themselves (or each other).  Self-monitoring is one of hallmarks of best practice as it is linked to follow through and carryover.

Whether you are home or in a classroom, the formula for data collection is such basic algebra… we all can master it.  First, count all the numbers printed.  Place that total in the denominator.  Next, count all the letters that were Star-Worthy.  Place that total in the numerator.  Ta-Da!  It’s that easy.

Practice 3 letters at a time.  They can be three of the same letters, 3 random letters or a 3-letter word.  Work up to 10 or 20 letters.  Calculating percentages are fastest at that point.

To start, select only Size One letters since the Rule is the same for all.  It is recommended to begin with the upper case series since every letter is a Size One.  Practice 6-7 at a time.  Aim for 80% accuracy before selecting another group.  Once achieving success with the upper case series, move on to Size One lower case, then Size Two and finally Size Three.

Resist the temptation to score spacing until you get 80% accuracy with Size.

And you will.

At that point, we’ll be ready for a nice Italian dinner.
Spaghetti and Meatballs, anyone?

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