Saturday, December 27, 2014

Developmental Milestones Chart


Closes fingers around toy place in hand
Brings hands to mouth
Watches adult’s face when feeding

One to Two Months

Regards a toy in the line of her vision
Holds hands open for a 5 minute period
Shows awareness of hands
Visually follows a toy past midline
Focuses on toy for 5 seconds
Recognizes familiar person
Smiles or gurgles to a familiar person

Three to Four Months

Manipulates hands at midline
Reaches out for toy
Grasps toy crudely
Holds bottle for one minute
Laughs out loud when stimulated
Puts hand in mouth
Raises head and chest when lying on stomach

Five to Six Months

Reaches and attains toy
Bangs in play
Transfers toy hand-to-hand
Grasps tiny toy with palm and fingers

Seven to Eight Months

Shakes rattle in imitation
Grasps toy with thumb and fingers
Pokes at tiny toy with index finger
Picks up food to place in mouth
Responds to name
Shows shyness around strangers
Rolls from back to stomach and stomach to back

Nine to Ten Months

Grasps pellet with thumb and index finger
Holds a toy in one hand- reaches with the other
Points with index finger
Good release of objects is present
Responds to image in mirror
Responds to familiar words
Smiles selectively
Sits without support

Eleven to Twelve Months

Removes lid from box with no assistance
Places one cube/block in a cup
Removes cover to attain hidden toy
Repeats a performance to draw laughs
Drops a toy deliberately
Brings spoon from bowl to mouth
Temporarily responds to “no” or “stop”
Walks with or without support

Thirteen to Eighteen Months

Pulls to stand
Walks with or without support
Squats down and picks up a toy
Eats with fingers
Turns pages of a board book
Drinks from a cup independently
Throws a ball underhand
Stacks 4 blocks
Removes basic clothing

Nineteen to Twenty-Four Months

Runs with stiff legs
Eats with spoon (some spillage)
Kicks a ball forward with one foot
Scribbles in circles
Jumps in place two times
Points to specifics in a book
Assists with some dressing
Stacks 6 blocks

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  1. This chart will really help me keep track of my newborn's progress. The doctor said that she suffered from some kind of brain trauma during birth. She needs to go through occupational therapy. I hope that with enough therapy her brain will be able to function normally.