Sunday, September 20, 2015

Craft Activity for Kids: Tissue Box Guitar

 Materials Needed: tape, tissue box, colorful paper, paper towel roll, rubber bands, and scissors
1.     To prepare the tissue box, cut the plastic protector out of the middle.
2.     Outline the all sides of the tissue box and paper towel onto the paper.
3.     Cut out the outline and line them up to their appropriate side to confirm proper alignment.
4.     Trace and cut the center of the tissue box on the top piece of paper.
5.     On the short side of the tissue box, cut a circle to fit the dimensions of the paper towel roll.
6.     Cover the paper towel roll in its correlating paper using tape, and stuff it into the hole designated on the tissue box.
7.     Tape the paper towel roll into place on the tissue box’s internally and externally.
8.     Tape all sides of the tissue box with the paper cut outs.
9.     Cut a small slit into one side of the paper towel roll as close to the tissue box as possible.
10. Place a rubber band in the slit and wrap it around the tissue box until it is touching both ends of this box.
11. Place at least one rubber band on either side of the initial rubber band. (depending on the size of your tissue box you may apply numerous rubber bands)

Purpose: This is a wonderful craft activity for kids! This guitar provides unique sounds with each stroke. Playing the guitar uses fine motor skills such as cutting, using tape, and placing the rubber bands. By decreasing the instructions to only a few steps at a time, any child can build their attention to activities while working on other skills. Many children will find this kids craft enjoyable!  Cutting the circle out of the tissue box for the paper towel roll can be difficult and should be done by the parent/therapist.

The project above was completed by one of our Master's of Occupational Therapy students at
 The University of Tennessee Health Science Center and posted with permission.


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