Sunday, April 3, 2016

DIY Fine Motor Activity Bag

Turn a basic brown paper bag into a fine motor activity bag that is portable, colorful and fun!


Tools: Scissors, single-hole punch, and a square-hole punch.

Materials: Brown paper bag, twine or yarn – 16 inches, 2 inch ribbon – 8 inches long, pipe cleaners – cut to 6 inches, hole reinforcers, and one shoelace.


On the top of the bag (near the opening), use the single-hole punch to create 9 holes approximately 1 cm apart.

Thread the twine or yarn through the bottom left hole and tie a knot to prevent it from going through and to stay in place.

With the bag flat, and the bottom towards you, cut 2 1.5 inch notches on each side.

Cut a slit with the scissors on one side near one of the notches.

Thread the ribbon through the slit, and wrap it around the notches, forming a spool.

On the bottom aspect of the bottom of the bag, use the square hole punch to create 4 square holes approximately 1.5 cm apart.

Weave the pipe cleaners through the holes in an alternating pattern.

Punch a hole 3 inches down from the bottommost left hole and 2.5 inches right from the side of the bag.

Punch a hole 3 inches down from the bottommost right hole and 2.5 inches left from the side of the bag.

Punch 2 more holes 2 cm apart from the newly created hole on the left, do the same on the right side, then place hole reinforcers around each hole.

Thread the shoelace through the holes, mimicking the last 3 holes of a shoe, coming back to the front, and tie a basic shoelace knot.

Now any child is ready to practice shoe tying and lacing.  Have fun!!!

The project above was completed by one of our Master's of Occupational Therapy students at
 The University of Tennessee Health Science Center and posted with permission.


  1. I love this!!!! Sharing right now. This is so wonderful because it uses household items that most parents, teachers or therapists have on hand. Great idea!