Monday, May 9, 2016

Evidence-Based Practice: Handwriting Intervention

Handwriting Intervention Research

An occupational therapist is the professional to call when an individual is having trouble with handwriting!  Writing on the lines, letter formation, legibility, and spacing problems are all issues related to handwriting struggles.  When handwriting is difficult, this can lead to frustration, anxiety, and low self-esteem, so it's important to seek help for this issue.

Here is one research study related to handwriting interventions and occupational therapy.  I will continue to add more article reviews!

Effectiveness of School-Based Occupational Therapy Intervention on Handwriting: 
A Comparative Study

Purpose: To examine the effect of school occupational therapy services on handwriting legibility

Methods: Improvements in handwriting legibility, speed, and in-hand manipulation skills in a group of students who received direct handwriting intervention OT services was compared to those of a control group who did not receive services.

Results: Handwriting legibility scores and in-hand manipulation skills in the treatment group improved significantly compared to the control group.

Conclusion: Direct occupational therapy services resulted in improvements with handwriting legibility and in-hand manipulation skills, but handwriting speed was not impacted by the intervention.

Case-Smith, J. (2002). Effectiveness of school-based occupational therapy intervention on handwriting: A comparative 
          study.  American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 56(1), 17-25.


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  3. Hi there. Just came across this site this evening.. Just wondering in relation to this study.. Did it specify how many sessions the participants received from the OT? Regards, Fleur.

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