Friday, September 29, 2017

Free Visual Perceptual Worksheets!!!

Visual perceptual worksheets are a fun way for students to work on visual perception skills.  As a special thank you to my readers, I am sharing these free visual perceptual worksheets! 
The following worksheets address Visual Closure.
Visual Closure is the ability to visually complete a picture or form that is not in full view. This skill is important for reading and recognizing words, forms, etc. in a speedy manner.
Visual-Closure Activities
-Complete pictures in which only parts of objects/shapes are revealed.
-“What is missing” worksheets
-Dot-to-dot activities
-Jigsaw puzzles
-Building three-dimensional models from cubes, cylinders, and blocks
-Connect broken lines to complete a shape or form.
-Partially cover an object or shapes and have the child identify it.
-Figure-ground activities also help with visual closure.

Reference: Test of Visual Perceptual Skills

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