Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Fun Fine Motor Craft Idea for Kids....Baa Baa!!!

This DIY fine motor craft idea for kids is simple to make and your children will love it!  It's the perfect way to strengthen those small hand muscles and improve fine motor skills, and it's super cute :)
Items needed:

Small plastic container (an Ensure container works well)
Cotton balls
Construction paper
Black Duct tape
White pom poms

Cut a hole about the size of a penny in the bottle (adults only).  Wrap the straws in Duct tape and attach them to the plastic bottle (like legs).
Have the child cut the sheep head out of black construction paper and attach two googly eyes, or make the eyes out of construction paper.  Then have the child glue cotton balls all over the body of the sheep. Don't forget to make him a tail!

Now for the fun part! Have the child put the cotton balls through the hole in the sheep's back.  He can use his fingers to work on a pincer grasp, or he can use the tongs to put the cotton balls into the container.  Either way, your child is working those fine motor skills. Because one hand is needed to stabilize the sheep, the activity is great for bilateral skills as well!

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