Friday, August 14, 2015

Back to School Craft Idea for Kids!

This fun back to school craft idea for kids will be a hit, especially for your animal loving students.  This cute lion art project is fun and easy to complete!  Start with the template below.
Supplies needed:
Lion template (see above)
Several yellow cupcake paper baking cups
Construction paper- blue and yellow.
Scissors and glue
Thin magic markers
Use the template and have the child trace the body and head of the lion onto the yellow construction paper, then have him cut them both out.  Provide assistance as needed. Cutting along the line for the tail is quite challenging.  Have the student use the markers to draw the eyes, nose, mouth on the face and the markings for the legs and toes.  Glue the body to the blue construction paper, then glue two or three or the cups where the head goes.  Glue the decorated lion face in place.  Cut several small strips from another cupcake paper baking cup and glue them on the tip of the lion's tail (see below).
Here is your lion!

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