Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fun Toys for Baby's Bilateral Integration Skills!

When a child has intact bilateral integration skills, he can use both arms together in a coordinated manner.  Bilateral skills are important for future tasks like writing and cutting.  These are a few of my favorite classic toys, and they are great for your baby’s bilateral skills! It’s

The farm toy is a wonderful way for your baby to learn words and animals.  Just point the arrow to an animal, and have your your baby stabilize the toy with one hand and pull the lever with the other to hear the animal sound!  There are 16 different farm animals featured on the toy.  And to add to the fun, this classic also plays “Old Mac Donald” and “Farmer in the Dell.”

These snap lock or pop beads are good for your baby's bilateral skills, eye hand coordination and upper extremity strength! 

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