Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ziplock Bag Teaching and Learning Quilt: Perfect for a Visual Schedule

·      Sandwich sized Ziplock bags
·      Clear packaging tape
·      Colorful Masking/Duck Tape (design of your choice)
·      Pictures, educational materials, or other items that you wish to put in the slots

1.   Decide how many Ziplock pockets that you would like for your quilt to contain.
2.  Lay the Ziplock bags out on a flat surface in rows make a large square (For example, 9 Ziplock bags will make 3 rows with 3 bags in each row.)
3. Using clear packaging tape, tape the back side of the Ziplock bags together.  Tape straight down the back of the bags between the first and second columns, the second and third columns, and then continue taping between additional columns from top to bottom and between the rows from left to right. (Only apply this tape to the back sides of the bags to allow the bags to be opened from the front.)
4.  Place strips of the decorative tape straight down between each row where the bags meet on the front of the quilt.  Use one large strip to tape from the top of the square to the bottom of the square.  Repeat this until you have taped between each column.
5.  Next, apply the tape across the bags from left to right where the bags meet.  Be sure to not tape the flap down to the bag above it.  You will line the top side of the tape up with the top of the flap where you open the Ziplock bag and tape across from left to right.
6.  Finally, use the decorative tape to tape around the outside of the big square.  Once done, each individual square will be outlined with the decorative tape. 
7.  You should still be able to open your individual Ziplock pockets on the front of the quilt to slide in the pictures, quotes, instructions, or any other item of your choosing.
8.  If you wish, you may use the same instructions for applying the decorative tape to the back side of your Ziplock bag quilt in the same pattern to make the back side as visually appealing as the front side of your quilt.

      This fun teaching and Learning Quilt can be used in a variety of ways!  You can use it as a visual schedule, or to list the steps of a task that you want your child to learn.  It can also be used to list other visual instructions. It's fun to fill the slots with pictures of family, past trips, or hobbies.  Use your imagination and come up with other ideas for this Ziplock Bag Teaching and Learning 

The project above was completed by one of our Master's of Occupational Therapy students at
 The University of Tennessee Health Science Center and posted with permission.

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