Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sensory Processing Disorder Support Group

I've recently become the group leader for a wonderful sensory processing disorder support group at MDJunction.com. If you have SPD or have a child who struggles with this disorder, you may want to join the support group. First you'll have to join MDJunction then join the Sensory Processing Disorder Support Group. It's all free. There are lots of conversations already going on, or you can start your own. I hope that you'll check it out...it's a wonderful resource! While you are visiting MDJunction, check out the many other amazing support groups available. It's an awesome website!


  1. I am trying to subscribe to this blog via e-mail... where do I do that? I see all the options for facebook, etc, but not e-mail.

  2. I thought it was down at the bottom right hand side of the page where it says "subscribe to" posts, but maybe not... I'm pretty sure if you join as a google follower, it will email you every time that I post. Sorry, I'm not more helpful!