Monday, February 6, 2012

Awesome New OT/Parenting Blog: Embrace Your Chaos

I want to tell you about a great new OT blog that includes parenting tips and fun developmental activities. You've got to check it out! It's called "Embrace Your Chaos", and here is a note from the author:

I am so excited to introduce my first blog! Through my experience working as a pediatric occupational therapist, I have built up a wealth of knowledge about children’s sensory-motor development.  One of my biggest professional and personal goals is to share this knowledge with parents around the world.  As an occupational therapist and as a mother of a young child, I worry about how today’s society is influencing our children and their ability to build the skills they need to be successful. With our technological emphasis and the increasing expectations of our school system, it is important that we, as parents, expose our children to many opportunities to build their sensory, motor, and cognitive skills.  The most basic but important activities are ones that get your kids moving, touching, exploring, and manipulating the world around them. Join me as I share tips, advice, and weekly activities to foster play, creativity, and skill development!  Also, when you visit my site, click on the Facebook link to read other parents’ ideas and share your stories.  

I thought I'd share one of my favorite posts on this new site. It's called "Snowflake Fun"...just check out these adorable hand and footprint snowflakes! To get the instructions for this awesome multisensory activity and many others, just click here @


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the new blog - looks great.

  2. The images of the feet and hands are wonderful! What a great way to create memories for later in life!

    Many parents don't realize how quickly children grow up and how much they change over time. At my blog on child photography I encourage parents to photograph their children as often as possible and to create a family history.


  3. Great a parent and an OT student about to go on placement in a pediatric setting so for me your blog rocks

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