Thursday, April 19, 2012

Visual Perceptual Activity: Tangram Puzzles

The visual skills that a person uses to understand, analyze, and interpret all that is seen are called visual perception. Tangram puzzles are a great activity to challenge visual perceptual skills. Tangrams are also great for helping to develop motor planning skills, spatial relations, and eye hand coordination, and to top it off, they require a child to use problem-solving skills!  I use them frequently in therapy to help students with understanding properties such as shape, size, and symmetry.  Here are a few of my favorites that I use in therapy.
Classic Tangos (available at Amazon)-Includes 7 pieces that can form an infinite number of abstract designs along with patterns for matching.

Magnetic Tangrams (available at Amazon) -Includes five sets of magnetic tangrams of different sizes, colors, and shapes, plus a board with a metallic interior for setting up designs and solving the puzzles.
Tangos, Jr. (also available at Amazon)-For younger children, ages 4 and up, includes
seven large magnetic puzzle pieces, 12 double-sided puzzle cards and a large playing surface.

Classic Tangos are the most challenging, magnetic tangrams are a bit easier, and finally, Tangos, Jr. is a much more simplified version. All of these would make a great addition to a theraist's toolbox! :)

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  1. What timing! I was planning to buy a set of tangrams this weekend. Thanks for sharing your favorites!