Sunday, November 9, 2014

Here's a Tip: Have Fun with Qtips during therapy!

The UTHSC Masters of OT students recently completed a number of awesome media projects! For the assignment, each student was given the name of a common household item.  They were instructed to design a creative, appropriate therapy activity for a patient with a specific diagnosis. They did an amazing job! This media project was submitted by Emma.
Common household object - Qtip.    
Children typically enjoy doing an arts and crafts project.  Here are some examples of fun pictures that she can make with the Qtips for different times throughout the year.  Examples included a skeleton for Halloween, snowflakes for winter, and a heart for Valentine’s Day.   

Supplies that are needed are construction paper, Q tips, and glue. 

Skills Used:
In order to pick up the Q tips, a child will need to use a pincer grasp. This activity will help improve manipulative skills and eye-hand coordination. This activity can be made more challenging by having the child cut the Qtips independently.  Generally, I would have them already cut for her before therapy started. 

The project above was completed by one of our Master's of Occupational Therapy students at
 The University of Tennessee Health Science Center and posted with permission.

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