Saturday, October 3, 2015

Craft Activity for Kids: DIY Paint Palette

Do you know a child that loves to paint?  If so, here is an easy DIY paint palette! An egg carton can serve as a simple paint palette, with each egg slot holding a different color of paint.  
Painting Activity for Kids:  Tape a large sheet of white poster paper to the wall. Instruct the child to dip his index finger into the paint and to draw on the paper.  Provide hand over hand guidance at first (if needed) to build confidence and comfort level with the activity, then begin to fade your assistance. Demonstrate how to draw simple shapes to work on the ability to follow simple commands.  If appropriate, the child can practice writing his name and other simple words, or have him draw something that he loves, such as his car, a pet, or family member.  This is fun and allows for free expression!
The project above was completed by one of our Master's of Occupational Therapy students at
 The University of Tennessee Health Science Center and posted with permission.

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  1. What a fun therapy project for kids! I love the idea of the egg carton for paint because it seems less messy than a lot of palettes. I love to encourage creativity so I'll try this out!