Friday, November 20, 2015

Fun DIY Activities for Visual Perceptual Skills

Sponges are one of my favorite "pediatric occupational therapy" items in my therapy bag!  There are so many therapeutic activities for basic kitchen sponges!  Simply cut the sponges into blocks or shapes of various sizes and watch any child enjoy making creations. Take a variety of brightly colored sponges, and create a stack in a particular sequence of colors/shape and then have the child re-create the stack. 
 Another fun activity that is great for visual perceptual skills is to make a variety of worksheets with different shapes that they child can place the sponges on top of to create a design.  This is basically an inexpensive tangram game that will challenge a child's visual perceptual skills.  The sheets can range from basic to more complex in order to increase the challenge based on the child's skill level!  So go to the dollar store and pick up a package of sponges and get ready to have some fun!

Therapy project by Meg Lawrence: Posted with Permission


  1. Making crafts using sponges seems like a fun activity for my child to do. She also needs occupational therapy, so I've been trying to find things for her to do that will help with her condition. You said that sponges are one of your favorite pediatric occupational therapy items that you keep in your therapy bag. Is there a particular reason why they help? I would like to know how they help with my child's therapy to have an idea of how to use them.

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