Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fun Holiday Craft for Kids!

This is a fun holiday craft for kids that is totally cute!  When a child is making this spool holiday wreath, she is working on all kinds of skills, including fine motor skills, bilateral skills, cutting, gluing, and eye hand coordination. This wreath will make a nice gift for Grandma or any other special person!
Follow these simple instructions to make this holiday craft!

Supplies Needed:
Fabric scraps
Empty spools (thread)
Sturdy craft wire (you can also use pipe cleaners, but they will need to be doubled and twisted so that they'll hold the circular shape of the wreath)
1. Cut the strips of fabric to fit the inside of the spools.
2. Wrap the fabric strips around the spools and glue them in place.

3. Thread the wire through the center holes in the spools and form the wire into a circular shape, and twist the ends of the wire together and tuck them into a spool. 
4. Tie a bow around the bottom or top of the wreath and use a thin strip of ribbon as a "hanger." 
- Hang the wreath on your tree or anywhere in the house as a festive decoration!

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