Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Visual Attention and Coloring Inside the Lines

How many times have you worked on coloring within the lines with a child only to look at the child and he is coloring away and his eyes are nowhere near the paper and crayon? This has happened more than I'd like to admit. Thanks to a tip from an OT friend, I have a new technique that I'm going to share with you. Items needed: Plastic Canvas Needlepoint Sheets (found at craft stores or Amazon), File Folders, Construction Paper, Crayons, Slant Board (optional).
Cut the shapes that you want the child to color in the center of the file folders then laminate them. Cut out the shapes once again.
Here are the Plastic Canvas Needlepoint Sheets-Clear and White.
 Place the Needlepoint sheet down first, followed by the file folder cut out, then the construction paper with the same size shape drawn on it.
Be sure to line up the shapes on the file folder and the construction paper.
Have the child color within the lines of the square. As she colors inside the square, she will "feel" the bumpiness of the needlepoint sheet, but if she goes outside the lines, the file folder blocks the bumps, so she will be more motivated to color within the lines! Plus, the feeling bumps draws her visual attention to the task! A double reward!!!

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