Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Oprah Show Controversy

Many of you may be aware of the controversy regarding the portrayal of Sensory Processing Disorders on a recent Oprah show. The show featured a very disturbed young man who attempted to kill his mother, and during the interview the boy’s mother shared that his first diagnosis was SPD. Obviously, the boy was later given another diagnosis (I would assume some sort of mental illness), but that was never made clear in the remainder of the show. I recently wrote an article for a website called Our Journey Through Autism, that summarizing the facts about SPD, and there is now a letter writing campaign encouraging people to write to the Oprah show asking her to clarify what SPD is on a future show ( I would encourage you to click on this link and join the letter writing campaign, so that we can get accurate information out to the public about SPD!

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