Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sensory Diet Activities

When a proper sensory diet is put in place, it helps a child with sensory processing issues function better on a daily basis. Typically, I recommend that a child carry out two to three of the sensory activities below approximately every two hours throughout the day. Please consult with your child's occupational therapist for recommendations that are appropriate for your child's sensory needs.
-      Lying under a weighted blanket
-      Wearing a weighted vest (as recommended by an occupational therapist)
-      Jumping on a trampoline
-      Jumping on overstuffed pillows
-   Climbing through homemade obstacle courses
-      Carrying heavy objects- i.e. Helping put away heavy groceries
-      Wheelbarrow walking
-      Tug-of-war games
-      Popping bubble wrap
-      Rolling self up in a blanket like a burrito, then rolling back out
-      Sit-ups
-      Push-ups on the floor, or against a wall while standing
-      Spinning on a sit-n-spin
-      Stomping feet/clapping hands (have the child follow your pattern)
-      Tossing/rolling a weighted ball back and forth
-   Sitting on a therapy ball and bouncing
-   Tummy down on a therapy ball rocking forward and backward 
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