Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Parents and Therapists Working Together

I'm so excited! I'm having a parent workshop tonight! It's called Parents and Therapists Working Together. The workshop will include a brief overview of school-based occupational and physical therapy services, and the remainder of the session will focus on a variety of strategies and techniques that parents can carry-over in the home setting to help their children with fine motor skills and handwriting. I'm giving this workshop with funds that I got from a grant through The National Education Association. I'm also going to two wonderful continuing education courses with funds from the grant. If you work for the public school system and would like to learn more about NEA grants for educators, click here.

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  1. Well, that's really a great idea. That's really good for their children to improve the motor skill with courage. Occupational therapist are really outstanding.

  2. Hi, this is really goods stuff! Its so important for the therapist and the parents to work together but I think that some time when we all get busy we loose sight of this. Great job in bring this important point back into focus!

  3. What is best for the children is always the priority of parents and if that works then that is a big plus. Therapy is only an alternative solution if need be...

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