Saturday, May 28, 2011

Figure-Ground Discrimination

Figure-Ground discrimination is the ability to distinguish an object, shape, word, or letter from the background in which it is embedded. Problems with figure-ground perception may impact the ability to attend to individual letters and words presented on a page full of sentences and paragraphs.

Visual Figure Ground Activities
-Hidden picture, word and shape worksheets (Highlights magazine, Where's Waldo Books, Hidden Picture Books)
-Locating various shapes in a room (refrigerator is a rectangle)
-Tracing through mazes
-Locating specific letters/shapes on a page. (Circle all of the E’s)
-Draw shapes superimposed on top of each other and instruct the student to “trace the triangle”
-Tracing or coloring named objects or shapes in a picture or diagram.
-Jigsaw puzzles with detailed backgrounds.
-Write the alphabet or words inside the squares of graph paper.

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Reference: Test of Visual Perceptual Skills

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