Saturday, May 14, 2011

Visual Form-Constancy

Visual Form-Constancy is the ability to recognize, name, match, and remember objects or symbols by their details and characteristics. This is also the ability to recognize that a basic shape or form is the same no matter what size, configuration, color, or dimension that it is. Children with problems differentiating form-constancy typically have difficulty with academic learning because words, numbers, or symbols presented in one context may not be recognized when presented in a different manner.

Visual Form Constancy Activities
-Cut out various sizes and colors of shapes. Hold up one and have the child point to the ones that are the same
-Have the child locate a variety of geometrical shapes in a room (clock is a circle)
-Practice sorting, naming, and classifying various shapes and objects
-Moving into and out of named shapes drawn on the ground with sidewalk chalk
-Recognizing, matching, naming various shapes, objects with the vision occluded
-Identifying shapes, letters, or pictures, drawn on the back with a finger
-Recognizing shapes and forms in pictures (magazines, books)
-Filling in or coloring shapes/forms
-Copying shapes or forms using pegboard, parquetry, or block designs.
-Making shapes with toothpicks, straws, pipe cleaners

Reference: Test of Visual Perceptual Skills 

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