Saturday, May 21, 2011

Visual-Sequential Memory

Visual Sequential-Memory is the ability to remember and reproduce a sequence of words, symbols or sentences in the correct order. This skill is critical when learning to read and spell, and it also affects copying from the blackboard.
Visual Sequential-Memory Activities
-Make several worksheets with visual forms/numbers, words, or letters in a particular sequence (O S T C X) and let the child study the sheet. Have the child recreate the sequence. Gradually increase the number of items/forms
-Take blocks of various colors/sizes and put them in a specific order. Let the child study the pattern and then mix them up and have the child recreate the sequence.
-Do the same as above, but use various objects (pen, pencil, paperclip, etc.)
-Flash card sequencing games (found at school supply stores)
-Stringing sequences of beads of different colors and shapes after looking at an example then having the example removed.

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Reference: Test of Visual Perceptual Skills

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