Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Visual Memory

Visual Memory is the ability to look at a shape, object, form, number, or letter and remember it. This is an important skill that is needed with all learning and is affected by attention, concentration, and observation skills. Children with poor visual memory usually have problems copying from the board to the paper.

Visual Memory Activities
-Copying a series of body movements as demonstrated by example.
-Moving to stand on different sheets of construction paper that are various colors, shapes, etc. Hold up a sample of which the child should move to, and then remove from his sight.
-Display objects, pictures, toys, colored blocks, etc. for a few seconds and then remove them all and have the child name them.
-Draw a letter, word, or shape and have the child duplicate it after it has been removed.
-Show a group of objects to the child for 3 to 8 seconds. Cover them and remove one and have the child name the one that was removed.
-“Memory” or “Concentration” Games
-Have the child look at a picture, then remove it and have her describe the details.

Reference: Test of Visual Perceptual Skills

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  1. These are especially great for us because my son is not only autistic, but he is also legally blind. We do a lot of programs that use his vision to help him utilize what he has and it has really helped him to use his vision more. These are great ideas! Thank you so much! :) (I'm @AutismLoveHope on Twitter, in case you didn't know!)