Sunday, May 8, 2011

Visual Discrimination

Visual Discrimination is the ability to appreciate the differences and similarities in shapes, forms, colors, patterns, sizes, shapes, positions and orientations. A child with visual discrimination problems has difficulty with noticing the differences/similarities in words, letters, pictures, forms and/or other objects. This can lead to problems in reading, writing, and spelling.

Visual Discrimination Activities
-Have the child sort of identify various objects with their vision occluded.
-Provide experiences in which the child sorts according to color, shape, size, etc.
-Make letters, shapes, forms, out of play dough, pipe cleaners, toothpicks, sand, shaving cream, fabric, sandpaper, and other sensory media.
-Reproduce designs using cubes, pegboards, construction toys and bead stringing.
-“Which one doesn’t belong” activities.
-Have the child look at a magazine page and circle all of the letter A’s, t’s, etc.
-Make worksheets that instruct the child to circle the matching letter
                           w – m n w m z
                    E – M  E  W  Z
-Have the child practice with hidden picture and hidden-word books such as "Where's Waldo?"


  1. dear madam,
    i am a pediatric occupational therapist from mumbai, india. i work with children aged 2-10. i wanted to know if there are any free downloadable stuff for visual perception
    namita shenai

    1. Dear Namita, I have a blog with free worskheets for visual perceptual skills


  2. I don't know about downloadable options, but here is a great website that you can check out. Good luck!